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Leave a Legacy

Creating a legacy gift for Emmanuel UCC provides the church with the necessary resources to continue its good works in our community and in the greater world.  A legacy gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated in the future.  These gifts can be given as cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance, or a retirement plan to name a few.  


And depending on the type of donation, there are many tax benefits

to creating a planned gift, for example:

  • If the contribution is appreciated property, like securities or real estate, donors receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the asset, and pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.

  • If established as a life-income gift, donors receive a tax deduction for the full, fair market value of the assets contributed, minus the present value of the income interest retained; if they fund their gift with appreciated property they pay no upfront capital gains tax on the transfer.

  • If gift is payable upon the donor’s death, like a bequest or a beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy or retirement account, they do not generate a lifetime income tax deduction for the donor, but they are exempt from estate tax.

Speak with a financial adviser who can provide further insight, or you can visit for more information.

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